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arcc's Journal

Anoka-Ramsey Community College
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Hello all, welcome to the Anoka Ramsey Community College community. This was made mostly because LJ doesn't have a strong following at Anoka Ramsey yet, and I wish to improve that. I am tired of social networking pages like MySpace and I think LJ will work as a better medium to talk about college events.

Anyway I will post any interesting ARCC related news as I see it. I encourage you to all do the same. You are also invited to post just about anything related to living in the area, such as rooms for rent or social events. General stories are nice too.

Please tell your friends about the LJ community. There is quite a few students at ARCC, lets try to get some of them on here, eh?

Current LJ users reporting they attend ARCC: http://www.livejournal.com/schools/?ctc=US&sc=MN&cc=Coon+Rapids&sid=6923

Please post some sort of "I joined" post when you join so everyone can say hello too you. :D